Warranty: 12 months
Order fulfillment: 14 days

motogadget m-Switch 2 - a high quality push but- ton gear for the handle bars The m-Switch 2 is a universal push button gear for handle bars of 1“ or 22 mm (7/8“) diameter with an stunning design. In combination with an electronical control unit (NOT INCLUDED!) this beautiful housed push buttons can control all electrical devices like headlight/rear light, flasher, starter engine, horns and much more. Milled from billet aluminium the housing is mirror polished or shiningblack anodised. A combination of two or more units at the handle bar are possible. Two push buttens per unit, can be combined in black or stainless steel fitting or in contrast to the housing. Two hidden bolts threaded M5 are made of stainless steel and clamp the m-Switch solid and secure to any handle bar. The push buttons are of high quality, very sturdy for vibrations and water proof(IP65). The big surface and an ergonomical pressure point (a soft, mechanical detent) allowes a secure feedback for the actuation - also with gloves. This feedback is important to be aware of the switching status. Less checks of your devices during riding are necessary. Each push button has two connectors. So you can use it with a one-wire or twowire control unit. If you use only one wire the connector for ground is already integrated in the housing. All this enables you to wire all cables inside your handle bar if you like. Every single push button can be ordered as single unit later on. The m-Switch 2 is compatible to all available control units on the market.

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