Product weight: 1 kg
Warranty: 12 months
Order fulfillment: 14 days

Not just a speedometer and tachometer gauge but a comprehensive information center! Comes in four popular styles, Oval, Spyke, Hooded, and the Classic. Selection of mounting brackets sold separately. All are billet aluminum with chrome finish. Check out these features; • 0-199 MPH, or KM/H Speedometer • 0-8,000 RPM Bar Graph • 0-16,000 Tachometer numeric readout • Oil Pressure Gauge (sender included) • Voltmeter • Fuel Level Gauge, (bike must be equipped with a stock sender) • Gear Position Readout • Clock • Million Mile Odometer with Dual Trip Meters and Countdown Service Meter • Turn Signal, High Beam, Neutral, Low Oil, Low Fuel, Low Voltage, Service Engine / Wait to start indicators. • Speedometer wire connects to stock transmission speedometer pickup • Performance Displays such as 0-60 MPH/KPH timer, Mile Timer, and Speed, High Speed and RPM Recall • Positive Locking Connectors for all Wires to ensure Connection Retention

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